10 Fun Facts On Rabbits In The House

10 Fun Facts On Rabbits In The House

Are you a fan of having rabbits for a pet? Maybe you already are a rabbit owner (and lover), or perhaps you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit (hopefully adopting), or you just may think they're cute and clever?

Regardless of which scenario you fall into, all sorts of people, young and old, enjoy being around rabbits. 

Rabbits make great house pets. They are quiet, small, and affectionate. Because of the nature of their disposition, they do much better being around adults than children. When kids run around chasing them, screaming, and lunging at the rabbits to pick them up, they learn not to be so affectionate. All that kerfuffle scares them!

If you own a rabbit, or are thinking about getting one, or know someone who has them, then it makes sense to learn facts on rabbits. Being a responsible pet owner is key, and the more you read, the more you become knowledgeable on how best to take care of rabbits.

Rabbits aren't just a spontaneous purchase from a pet store, during the Easter holidays. They require ongoing love from people that understand their unique needs. Once the novelty wears off (for some people, unfortunately) on keeping a pet rabbit, they don't deserve to be thrown in parks to fend for themselves.

To ensure that pet rabbits are well taken care of, so they live healthy and happily, learn as much as you can for their well-being. And to also make yourself happy and stress-free.

Rabbits can live for many years. Do you know how many? Know what you are getting yourself into, prior to acquiring a pet rabbit. A great idea is to foster one from an animal shelter to see if you like it, don't have any allergies, and if the rabbit would work well within your family home. Don't forget they need daily attention and exercise!


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