Quiz: 10 Facts About Rabbits In The Home

Quiz: 10 Facts About Rabbits In The Home

Happy Easter!

Have you wondered why rabbits are associated with Easter anyway? 

Well, taking a look at Easter Bunny (which is actually a hare) in Wikipedia, it explains how blooming flowers at spring, eggs, rabbits and hares, are all fertility symbols of antiquity. And well, since rabbits are prolific breeders, it would make sense to symbolize rabbits with fertility. They are a reminder of spring and the new life that is abundant during springtime.

Also, it's important during the Easter season to get the word out that rabbits are not toys for kids for Easter! Once the energy of the Easter season fades, poor rabbits end up forgotten about, abandoned outdoors, or given up to shelters. None of which make for a humane solution. Rabbits are known to live for 8-10 years, so plan on owning your pet for that long. Always do your research before acquiring any pet.

Check out the Make Mine Chocolate campaign and get the word out that live rabbits are not for Easter!

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